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Teaching in England for Qualified Teachers from Outside the UK

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Already a qualified teacher? Here’s what you need to know to teach in England:

  1. Qualified Teacher Status (QTS):
    • If you’re a qualified teacher outside the UK, you can work in England for up to 4 years without QTS.
    • After 4 years, QTS is often required, though not always in all types of schools.
  2. Applying for QTS:
    • If you’re from specific countries or regions, you can check if you meet QTS requirements.
    • Specialized subjects have additional countries on the list.
    • No fee or extra training is needed, but meeting certain criteria is required.
    • Learn more about qualifications and experience needed for QTS.
  3. International Qualified Teacher Status (iQTS):
    • iQTS is a new qualification backed by the UK government.
    • Equivalent to QTS, it allows you to train where you live, with no need to visit the UK.
    • Training includes online tutorials, in-person mentoring, and practical experience in your region.
  4. Why Choose iQTS?
    • Offered by top English teacher training providers.
    • Two-year induction period in England for early career teachers.
    • No prior teaching experience required to apply.
  5. Entry Requirements for iQTS:
    • Open to both UK and non-UK citizens living outside England.
    • Requirements include a bachelor’s degree, maths qualification, science qualification (for ages 3 to 11), and strong English language skills.
  6. Help with Qualifications:
    • If unsure about qualification compatibility, apply for a statement of comparability from UK ENIC.
  7. Fees:
    • iQTS course fees range from £7,950 to £9,950 for a one-year, full-time course.
    • No government financial support is available, but check with training providers for scholarship opportunities.
  8. Placement Schools and Working While You Train:
    • iQTS is delivered by English training providers in partnership with schools outside the UK.
    • Some providers match trainees to schools, while others may require you to arrange your placement.
    • If already employed in a school, discuss with your training provider about continuing to work while completing iQTS.
  9. How to Apply:
    • Applications are open for the 2023/24 and 2024/25 academic years.
    • Visit provider websites for details and to apply.
  10. Additional Information:
    • New iQTS training providers may be announced in autumn 2023.
    • Providers vary in fees, placement schools, application process, and regions.
    • Contact providers directly for specific information.

For further details and to apply, visit this website.